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Hi, I'm Marco also known as Markanime.
Welcome to my personal website!

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💼 I'm a software engineer working in the game industry.🎨This website showcases my personal work that I do in my free time. Although I am not a professional artist, I would like to explore other areas such as animation, game desing or writing. Even if it's just to express myself or learn more.⚠️This website is only for PERSONAL PROJECTS


As a hobby, I like to participate in game jams or self-publish games.
Creating a business with my games is not my goal. My creations are purely for the experience, to learn, express myself, or to see people enjoy them.
Having self-published these two titles for Nintendo consoles makes me proud:
- Pad of Time for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch (released in April 2022)
- El Silla Arcade Edition for Nintendo Wii U (released in January 2019)


I occasionally like to use animation to tell stories as a hobby.I'm not a professional animator or storyteller. I do animation because I want to share crazy stories or characters that I want to get out of my brain.Animation takes a lot of time, so I usually publish one or two animations a year.

Covid parody #StayHome

Back in 2020 I did this short about Mark and Art having a cavin fever due to Covid-19.

Melee players try Super Smash Bros Ultimate

During the year 2018, I made this animation of Mark and his friends who are long-time Melee fans. Playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate.